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Overcome my phobia? Manage my stress? Reduce my anxiety? Enjoy more restful sleep? Improve my memory? Boost my confidence? Enhance my wellbeing? Cope with criticisms? Become more assertive? Pass my exams? Communicate better with my family? Deal with challenging teenage behaviour? Learn Hypnosis? Relax more deeply? Meditate successfully? Fly without fear? Quit Smoking?

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Anxiety is a debilitating curse that undermines your self-confidence and makes failure more likely than success. When acute it spoils your enjoyment of life when chronic it can ruin your life.


Many millions of healthy men, women and children are made extremely frightened by things others see no reason to fear. This type of acute anxiety is called a phobia.


If you are experiencing high levels of stress, you are not alone. An estimated 19 million people in the UK suffer from stress related health problems. How Stressed are You?


Control Your Life by Controlling the Way You Breathe.  The way we breathe can exert a significant influence,  good or bad, over the way in which we think, feel and behave.


The first step to improving your memory is to learn to control your anxiety so that you can maintain itThe second step is to develop strategies that will enable you to remember.


The procedures I describe are powerful and helpful no matter what age you are or what sort of exam you are taking. They will build confidence, boost grades and bring exam nerves under control.

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Sensualisation a is  type of mind travel that involves not just your inner eye but your hearing, smelling, taste and touch. learn how to cope confidently and calmly when you feel anxious .


Discover the joy of living life to the full with these easily followed procedures. Wellbeing reflects ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that lead to physical and psychological resilience

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Learn how to use hypnosis to help others and enhance your own life.


Practical parenting skills and coping with challenging behaviour.


Each year I conduct a number of in-house lectures and workshops. Reduce anxiety, control stress and enhance mental and physical wellbeing to maintain a healthier more productive organisation..

Video, Audio & eBook downloads, subjects such as Relaxation & Stress to Hypnosis, Mediation, Memory, Exams, Healthy Breathing, Phobias, Wellbeing & so much more