Why We Forget

Brain Building – Why We Forget

Have you ever been in a situation where your memory was as clear as day about some facts, figures or events until, that is, you had to bring them to mind under pressure? When attempting to assert yourself with an unreasonable superior, for example, during a job or promotion interview, or when taking an exam! So what’s going on when your mind goes so blank you may even struggle to remember your own name!  And, more to the point, what practical steps can you take to avoid such embarrassing memory failures in the future?

Let’s start by considering why we have these memory lapses in the first place. Memory lapses are often due to a negative belief in one’s ability to remember. Never undermine confidence in your powers of retention and recall by telling yourself, or others, you have a ‘terrible memory.’ Not only is this untrue, for most people a so-called ‘bad memory’ is merely a badly trained memory, but such negative comments can create a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.

A second major reason, as any exam student will confirm, is high levels of anxiety. The more anxious you become the harder it is to concentrate on the task at hand. To recall clearly and accurately, the essential facts and figures needed. This does not mean, however, that a total absence of anxiety is any more beneficial to efficient recall.

As the graph shows, up to a certain point the mental and physical arousal we typically describe as anxiety improves your memory and increases your chances of success. interview. Athletes call this ideal state of mind and body as being ‘in the Zone’. If arousal continues, however, performance declines with increasing rapidity.

The first step in memory enhancement is, therefore, learning how to control anxiety so as to ensure the brain works at peak performance. You can learn how to do this on the Mind Healing Conquering Anxieties  Page.

The second step is to develop strategies that will enable you to remember and recall information successfully even under pressure. By following the simple but highly effective memory mastery techniques I teach, you will be far better able to recall facts and figures quickly, easily and accurately even when anxious or working under pressure. If you are about to take an exam and want to find the best ways to learn, revise and recall information under exam room pressure You can learn how to do this on the Pass That Exam Page.

The ability to mentally ‘record’ any information you like, at any time.

A two DVD recording of lectures I gave at the University of Brighton plus a tutorial in which you will discover powerful new techniques for learning, remembering and recalling.