Give Yourself a Supercharged Memory – Demonstration by eight times World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien

Taking an exam? Studying an unfamiliar subject? Want to enjoy a mental edge over the competition? Or just  fed up with putting things down and not remembering  where you left them?

If so,  how about giving yourself  a supercharged memory?  One which never allows you to forget anything. To remember everything with photographic precision?

In a series of lectures,  Mastering Your Memory, delivered at Brighton University, I describe the practical steps needed to achieve this long sought and highly desirable goal.

In the extract from a video of these lectures, shown below. eight times world memory champion Dominic O’Brien demonstrates  what the human mind is capable of with the right training, the right attitude and the right techniques.

To learn more about your own memory and how to enhance it,  go to the Brain Building page of my website, There you will find free advice and guidance,