Breath Power Revealed

Mind Enhancing -The Incredible Power of Your Breath

Matthew Ahmet pushes a 4-ton SUV using a spear placed against his neck – thanks to the power of his breath to alter his mind & body.

By learning to harness the hidden power of your breath you can help bring about profound changes in your life.

Not only is it possible to control anxiety and manage stress through simple, easily implemented changes in the depth and rhythm by means of your breathing.

You can also increase your energy levels, banish emotional blocks bring about a greater sense of well-being and learn to tolerate pain more easily.

Among the many ‘breath masters’ with whom I worked on the research behind this course, was a young British monk named Matthew Ahmet.

When Matthew, who studied for years in a Chinese Tibetan Monastery, came into my lab we attached sensors to his head and recorded changes to his brainwaves as he practiced various types of breathing.

He then demonstrated the strength and resilience this gave him by pushing my Toyota land cruiser across the University car park using a spear whose wickedly sharp point was place directly against his throat!

His astonishing abilities were filmed for an American TV show on Superheroes. This showed how he is able to increase his strength and resist pain through the power of focused breathing. Unless you have Matthews level of mastery DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF.