Managing Stress

Mind Healing – Managing Stress

If you are experiencing high levels of stress you are not alone.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, an estimated 19 million people in the UK experience stress related health problems each year. This results in the loss of 2 million working days each year, at an annual cost to industry and commerce of at least £4.5 billion. In Medieval times, the word ‘stress’ was used to describe the type of physical torture needed to extract a confession. The thumbscrew produced compression stress, the rack tensile stress and so on. Today, thumbscrew and rack have been replaced by excessive workloads, information overload, financial worries, family rows, traffic congestion, aggressive confrontations, relentless deadlines and constant time pressures.

On this part of my website I provide practical strategies and guidance for managing all forms of stress in your life. By mastering them you can help to safeguard your performance, success, health and sanity! A good starting point will be to find just how stressed you are.

How Stressed Are You?


Breathing & Stress

You will also find it helpful to understand the link between time and stress management.

The Stress & Time Connection

As the diagram above shows, having insufficient time to complete a job can produce rising levels of stress.

Increasing stress levels can lead to impaired performance and poor concentration with the result that easily avoidable mistakes are made. Tasks either have to be redone from the start or require further time to be spent on putting things right.

As a consequence, stress levels rise even further! To use time efficiently and keep stress at a comfortable level it is not necessary to work harder but it is essential to work smarter! 

In the words of international business consultant Peter Drucker: “Efficiency is doing the job right. Effectiveness is doing the right job.”

Some twenty years ago I wrote and presented a video offering practical strategies for reducing stress through effective time management. Since then my programme has been followed by hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals. The techniques and procedures I describe remain as powerfully effective today as when the film was first made.